NOAA GOES Viewer details

IF YOU HAVE DATA CAPS: The higher the resolution of the images you select the bigger the file size of each image. The higher the number of the images you select to download the more your initial usage will be. The longer you let the program run the more images it will download (every 5 minutes), thus increasing your usage amounts.

This app was made to display the NOAA satellite images that are publicly available at the NOAA website. The app will download the number and types of files selected and then display them in a continuous loop and check for new files which may be generated by NOAA every 5 minutes. Any new or previously unavailable files, that are now available, will be added to the loop each time a check is made.

You can select the Continental US or any Region within it. You can also select from many different types of images that NOAA makes available, as well as the resolution of the images themselves. Be aware that the higher the resolution and/or the higher the number of images to download, the better the image definition but the longer it will take to download all the initial images. If you have a fast internet connection without Data Caps, this won’t be a problem.

Once your selections have been made press the View Selection button and the download will begin. Once the downloads have finished the display loop starts you can adjust the speed, pause, forward, reverse and resume it’s action. You can change your selection in any of the drop-down boxes at any time but you will need to press the View Selection button again to implement your new selection.