Version is now in the download slot.

NOAA already changed their file name indexing by 1 minute. Not a big deal but enough to keep the app from working. Made an algorithm to hopefully account for those minor changes, we’ll see..

The Viewer is used to collect and display the image files provided by NOAA. You can view the entire continental US or its regions with an initial time span of the last 2 to 8 hours. New images will download with time every 5 minutes and will continue to download new images every 5 minutes until the program is terminated. I particularly enjoy the CONUS GeoColor view when it loops through the night time period. You can see the lights of the major cities throughout the US if there is sparse cloud cover.

This application was developed in Visual Studio with VB.NET. It has no spy-ware and collects no data from your computer. It is provided free of charge for your enjoyment. This application does go to the NOAA website to download images and is the only place it goes to retrieve data. It does not send any data anywhere except for the download links sent to NOAA.

Please be aware that if you have data caps this application will increase your data usage. Please read the provided information during the installation or in the Help tab if you choose to just download the EXE.