Outer Clutch Cover upgrade from 1994 Polaris 300 4×4 to 2012 Polaris Sportsman 500

No modification was done to the outer clutch cover. I wanted the more bulbous, higher heat resistance material of the newer models. I chose this particular model/year as a replacement because my research revealed that it had the same attachment bolt pattern as my original part and it was available on ebay for a decent price. There are others that would work as well. This did come with the Inner Clutch Cover but it was in no way ever going to work for this upgrade. It should be noted that the air outlet tube is much larger in diameter than the original part, so something will have to be made to address this issue.

Inner Clutch Cover upgrade from 1994 Polaris 300 4×4 to 1997 Polaris Xpress 400.

This did require modification. I could have used the original Inner Clutch cover but it had attachment issues and I wasn’t sure if the material was also subject to warping due to heat. I chose this particular model/year because it had the same Air Inlet location/size and the bolt patterns for attaching to the engine and the Outer Clutch Cover were the same.The modification was relatively simple, only the height of the 3 transmission mounting standoffs had to be shortened.

Outer Clutch Cover Air Outlet Boot made with Versimold.

I could have used a piece of bicycle inner tube but I wanted something a little more robust and factory-looking. I made my own mold out of a couple short lengths of pipe and some scrap wood used to form and heat the Versimold product.

The finished project is shown below.