Polaris 300 4×4

This is a collection of information that I have come across that is mostly related to my 1994 Polaris 300 4×4. There is also other information that I thought might be useful to others. I’ve also included some of my own modifications as a reference. This is a good place to keep track of any changes if I ever need to replace something that I have added/modified.

I would also like to personally thank Old Polaris Tech over at atvconnection.com for all the help he has given me. If you have a question about a Polaris, this is the man to ask!

I wanted to fix my Clutch Cover as it was always wanting to droop and rub. The original plastic compound just would not hold up to the heat, so why replace it with a new item that was made of the same material?

I also wanted to add some things that would let me monitor my voltage, engine temp, RPM and maintenance hours.

I had thought about getting new tires and changing the tire size on my 4×4 but the front tire size is different from the back on my machine. This made me realize that the front tires turned at a different revolution than the back tires. The Tire Sizing page addresses this issue.