For the J93: This should actually be a 50C9H-3/4 to match the factory original that had 2 hubs and no set screws, however I’ve not been able to find a double hub (C) 9-tooth sprocket. The 50BS9H-3/4 will work but will not accommodate the hand brake hub.

To use a hand brake hub with the 50BS9H-3/4 sprocket I used another 3/4 inch sprocket, cut the hub off and welded the plate for the hand brake hub to this cut-off hub. I placed the 50BS9H-3/4 sprocket on the output shaft of the transmission with the set screws to the inside (toward transmission), which left about 1/8 inch of keyway exposed. Re-aligned transmission for proper chain alignment and placed the cut-off hub with the hand brake hub onto the transmission output shaft aligning with the partial keyway extruding from the toothed sprocket and bolted this to the output shaft with a 1/4-28 bolt. This is not as strong as the factory original but should suffice for a parking brake but not an emergency brake. I figured either the keyway or the cut-off hub would fail under extreme pressure but either is replaceable.

ANSI standard sprocket with a 3/4″ finished bore that has a keyway & 2 setscrews. 50BS9 sprockets are a 9 tooth sprocket that works with ANSI #50 roller chain.

Make sure product is not listed as H50BS9 – I believe it will have a tapered bore.

The “H” designation if at the end is okay as it typically stands for hardened in this location.

50BS9 3/4″ Sprocket Dimensions:
  • Fits ANSI Chain Size: #50
  • Bore (D1): 3/4″
  • Number Of Teeth:9
  • Outside Diameter (de): 2.092″
  • Sprocket Thickness (B1): 0.383″ (Not including Hub)
  • Hub Diameter (dm): 1-3/8″
  • LTB – Length Thru Bore (A): 1″
  • Keyway Size: 3/16″ X 3/32″
  • Hardened Teeth: Yes (HRC 38-42)
  • Number Of Setscrews: 2


J93 Trans Ouyput Shaft Sprocket