Digital Volt Meter installed on a 1994 Polaris 300 4×4.

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Digital Voltmeter

Waterproof 0.28″ DC 3.5-30V Mini Digital LED Voltmeter Volt Meter F 12V Car Moto

I bought this item on eBay: I did have to wait for it to come from Hong Kong but it was worth the wait. It was only $7.19 and included free shipping. It arrived sooner than expected. It is waterproof and has an input range of 3.5 VDC to 30 VDC.

  • I did remove the green cowling cover that went around the gas tank to make things easier. You can then move the headlight cowling out of the way.
  • Remove the big plastic retaining nuts for the choke and ignition switch.
  • Remove the black plastic front panel.
    • Remove the 2 screws/washers that hold the indicator light bar to the front plastic panel.
  • Remove the 2 nuts/bolts by the steering shaft that hold the metal Ignition Panel Bracket to the frame.
  • Remove the Ignition Panel Bracket for modification.

Bracket, Ignition Panel 5220965-067 (Factory bracket after cleaning and painting with BedLiner spray paint)

  • Review the below picture before beginning modification.
  • The top notch of the preexisting large rectangular hole needs to be extended 0.5″ further back toward the raised lip of the steering column punch-out.
    • I used masking tape to mark the cut out area.
    • I used a small dremel tool with a cut-off wheel for the initial cuts being sure not to extend the cuts beyond their corners.
    • You can use pliers to bend and remove the metal from the area after the cuts are completed.
    • Use a file to true up the corners.
  • Place a small relief notch on the left side to prevent crimping of the 2 wires coming out the left side of the Mini DVM.
    • Use the Mini DVM itself to locate the notch by placing the Mini DVM on top of the bracket and marking each side of the wires where they protrude from the case.
  • Slightly round the lower left corner of the bracket to allow the 2 wires from the Mini DVM to more easily pass the corner during assembly.

Modified Bracket, Ignition Panel 5220965-067 (Factory bracket after cutting, notching, rounding corner and painting with BedLiner spray paint)

It’s now time to modify the black plastic face plate.

  • I found it easier to mark and cut this rectangular hole from the back side of the plastic panel.
  • The top of the Mini DVM will rest easily along the top crease in the plastic panel on the back side.
  • Center the Mini DVM (face down) from side to side while aligning with the top crease and make your marks.
    • I found it easier to put down masking tape first for making the marks.

The Mini DVM should be a snug fit and be able to hold itself in place during assembly

  • I used a box cutter with a new blade to make the cut-out in the plastic panel.
    • The Mini DVM should be a snug fit and be able to hold itself in place during assembly.
    • This is soft plastic: make light cuts until you get a groove established.
    • Finish the corners last.
    • Test fit the Mini DVM by pushing the front display in from the back side.
      • It should slide in until the tabs of the Mini DVM rest on the back surface of the plastic panel.
    • I did not use the mounting tabs on the Mini DVM for mounting because it was a snug fit and the metal bracket modified above will hold it in place once assembled.

    •  I did remove the Neutral / Reverse / Oil lens cover and paint the cover with Black Fusion spray paint made for plastic surfaces but didn’t take an after picture.
    • The black wire from the Mini DVM was long enough and I just had to put a spade lug piggyback terminal on it.

      spade lug piggyback terminal

      • This is ground and can be connected in with the common row of wire connections that run across the back of the indicator lamps.
    • The red (+) wire had to be extended to reach over to the power distribution terminal panel.
    • It’s now time to reinstall the modified ignition panel bracket.
      • I cut small length of vinyl tubing and then slit it lengthwise to place over the back of the 1/2″ metal slot to act as a bumper for the Mini DVM.

        Vinyl tubing

    • I also had to grind one side of the flat washer flat that is used for the screw that holds the lamp sockets in place to allow for clearance.
    • Install the Mini DVM in the black plastic panel.
    • Bring the status lamp and socket assembly (with wiring) through the large rectangular opening in the modified ignition panel bracket.
      • Place the status lamp and socket assembly in the black plastic panel and attach with the 2 screws removed earlier.
        • The one with the flat sided flat washer goes next to the Mini DVM.
      • Attach the black ground wire with the spade lug piggyback terminal in the row of jumpered ground wires connected to the sockets of the lamps.
    • Install the black plastic panel on to the modified ignition panel bracket.
    • The modified ignition panel bracket will already be installed on the ATV but this is what it would look like when they are together.

  • Route and connect the red wire over to the power distribution panel to an ignition switched +12 volt terminal (RED/W- Battery fused, Switched hot).
  • Replace the covers previously removed.