ATV Add On

Digital Voltmeter

This was purchased on ebay for about $4 and there were 3 different colors available. If I were doing it over again I would have gone with red, especially if you do much night driving. This has held up excellent in the outdoor weather and I’ve used it on a few different projects. There are many different sizes and shapes, some even have USB ports for charging. I chose this one due to the size restrictions of the location I picked for mounting. Whatever you get, just make sue it’s waterproof.

Fan Switch

This was purchased on ebay also. Be sure to get a marine grade switch that will handle at least 5 or 6 amps. This seemed to be a good option for me being that an engine temp monitor was being installed and the stock thermal switch for the fan fails no matter how many times you replace it.

TTO Temp Monitor Mount

These are the dimensions of the mount that I made for the Black 14mm TTO Trail Tech Temperature Gauge. This is for a 14mm spark plug, be sure to order the correct size so the sensor can fit the spark plug.

RunLeader Tach Mount

These are the dimensions of the mount that I made for the RunLeader Tachometer. The RunLeader Tachometer also provides you with maintenance hours and a few other informational pieces dependent upon the options included.